Friday, 14 October 2011

2011General Election Candidate Survey

Below are the responses that many of the more serious candidates have submitted to a questionnaire circulated by the Jersey Rights Association on issues of concern to our members. Further responses will be edited in on arrival.

They are sorted into St Helier by District, other parishes alphabetically, and Senatorial candidates. To keep the last group from being indigestibly long, I have split it into new and experienced candidates.

I have repeated the questionnaire at the head of each section, to save readers from extensive scrolling back and forth to refer to the questions.

On behalf of the JRA, I warmly thank all the candidates who have taken time out of their busy campaign schedules to write responses. I hope this helps them to communicate with like-minded voters.

A more polished presentation of this survey will appear at in due course, but as that site has suffered a technical problem in election week, of all times, this blog has been created as an emergency channel of publication.

David Rotherham
Jersey Rights Association

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