Friday, 14 October 2011

St Martin

1 (a). Is it right that the number of Senators has been reduced, thus limiting
the choice for Islanders as a whole to choose their political leaders?

1 (b). If no, what would you seek to do about it?

2. The States Pension age is going to be progressively increased over the next few years. Would you support legislation preventing employers from compulsorily retiring people who have not yet qualified for their pension, to prevent them being left without any income other than such welfare as they may qualify for?

3 (a). Would you support measures to stabilise the population at current levels?

3 (b). If not, how do think Jersey can accommodate further population growth?

4. Who will have your support to be the next Chief Minister?

5. Would you like Jersey to move towards a more progressive tax system?

6. Do you think GST should be retained in its present form, abolished, reduced or increased?

7 (a). Is Ministerial Government working the way it was envisaged?

7 (b) If not, what would you do to remedy the situation?

8. With the long-term stagnation of the housing market, the private rental sector is once again growing in importance. Would you support an overhaul of tenancy law to strike a fairer balance of rights and duties between residents and landlords?

9. Do you have a view on whether the extensive importation of UK Civil Service managers on short contracts is beneficial, or whether there should be more emphasis on career development for local civil servants?

10. Which, if any, public services would you like to see the States cutting?

11. Would you support increased Social Security contributions, ring fenced to protect future pension & health benefits, but not as a way of raising income for the Treasury.

Bob Hill:-

1 (a) I am happy to reduce the number of Senators, particularly as so few are Ministers.

2 Yes

3 Yes

4 Am not happy to support Routier, Ozouf nor Le Marquand, not just because they voted against the open vote for Ch Minister but I don't think they can lead and their overall performance during the past 3 years has not been inspired. I would give my support to Gorst or Crowcroft if they were interested.

5 Yes, we must look to a fairer system with larger earners making a greater contribution to tax revenue.

6 We have made a pig's ear re GST and completely missed the boat when rejecting Len Norman's proposition for exemption on all food for human consumption. We are now locked into a system based of income support which will be difficult to opt out. It is also obvious that GIST will eventually rise as that has been the pattern elsewhere in the world. I would welcome a complete re-think before any consideration is given to an increase.

7 No, we have elected a Chief Minister who did not have any leadership skills who appointed Ministers based on their loyalty than ability.

7(b) Appoint a Chief Minister with leadership skills who will nominate the best persons for the job. Scrap the Troy ruling as it is pointless. Minister's must appoint the most talented Members as Assistant Ministers and all Ministers must utilise the talents and experience of those who are not on the Executive. I would also scrap Scrutiny as it is not working and replace with select committee style format.

8 Yes

9 The present policy is a complete disaster and working against the best interests of locals. Again strong leadership is required.

10 A very difficult question as there has has been a gradual reduction of staff, however greater attention should be given to duplication and waste of resources.

11 Yes

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